In September 2017, I started my mentorship journey. I had been wanting to mentor and teach design students for quite some time and Bloc (Thinkful) was the perfect fit.

I mentor and answer questions not only for design concepts, but also for time management, remote work, job applications, and general council. I'm super proud of all the hard work that my students have accomplished and their entry into the industry.


Raina was working as a quality assurance analyst when she joined the Bloc program. I coached Raina through her UX Intensive project, portfolio design, and job application process. She is now a UX designer at Hobsons.


Hazel was working as a Led Research Specialist at Emory as well as a front-end developer. Hazel's development skills were high, but she wanted to refine her design skills and get a job doing design in conjunction with development. I mentored hazel through a lot of the fundamentals of design. She now is employed at Brightwave as a Jr. Designer/Developer.


Ildikó worked at Intel as a Business Analyst and Product Owner for many years. She decided she wanted to pivot her career into UX and Interaction design. I mentored Ildikó through design fundamentals and her passion for people and data was prevalent. She is now an Interaction Designer at DAT Solutions.


Jonathan had a career working for Apple as a Mac Genius. He decided that he wanted to pursue UI / UX design and took the leap into Bloc. I mentored Jonathan through Design Fundamentals. He is now employed at Renzo as a UI/UX Intern, setting him down the path to a solid career.

Continued Mentorship

I have thoroughly enjoyed my mentorship journey. I plan on continuing to mentor and believe that my experience as a mentor has contributed to my ability to successfully lead design teams.