Spruce Planner

Project Idea

In the tech world, they tell you to eat your own dogfood. But I decided to take that concept further. I spent months researching digital planners to try to find one that I wanted to use, and I came up empty. There really wasn't a good digital alternative to the glossy inspiration-quote peppered physical planners. I decided to create my own because it was something that I wanted to use daily. And if I wanted to use it, I'm sure others would as well.

Competive Analysis

In order to launch a successful product you need first need research. I researched all the competitors in the physical journal market as well as the digital app market. When researching the various products and companies, I gathered data about their prices and social media presence.

Spruce Planner

After all my research into competitors and the market, I started outlining and designing the ideal planner. Many ideas were a combination of certain popular features from different apps and planners, and other ideas were surfaced in the class that I took at Co-Starters. I wanted the app to be intuitive, have a focus on women, and have projects and initiatives - all that you can share with your friends if you so wish.


I decided on the name Spruce Planner and developed branding for the app. The color palette, fonts, and logo all reflect the target market: women.

Initial Designs

I put together some proof of concept initial designs for the app.

Marketing & Pitching

In an attempt to get the idea off the ground, I pitched the app in various startup competitions. I never won any funding but had a great time doing it.

The Written Pitch

Ever tried calendars, to do lists, and apps to plan and set goals for your life? you wish you could tap into your close friends and family to keep you on track to success? I’ve tried many different planning tools and apps and nothing fits my on the go lifestyle or gives me motivating access to my supporters.

Hi. I’m Sara Cannon. And I’m here to tell you about Spruce Planner.
Spruce planner is an incredible app designed primarily for women. It helps you not only define your goals but achieve them through personal planning and collaboration. It’s a powerful app where you can manage your life - your goals, calendar, to dos, notes, links, and tasks all in one place. Spruce connects women to their friends for advice and goal-sharing, which allows women to collaborate and support each other within the app.

Spruce Planner is unique in the productivity market because it is geared toward women. Most planning apps are utilitarian, not fun or beautiful. Spruce will have a gorgeous feminine interface, making it stand out from the crowd.

This planner will tap into the multi million dollar industry of productivity apps by offering a more relatable product for women. Spruce will also increase its foothold in the productivity market through targeting women who have yet to find a planner that is right for their lifestyle. Spruce plans to acquire and retain these women through a robust publishing network supported by articles, books, events, and meetups - all focused on helping women achieve their goals. 

Spruce Planner will generate revenue through tiered yearly subscription plans that unlock certain power features such as email forwarding, link saving, and habit tracking. On top of that, Spruce will partner with strategic affiliates for product offers in our large but highly targeted market. 

Spruce is the next big thing in productivity, and I’m the right person to make it happen. I am the Managing Partner and Creative Director at the digital agency Range. We specialize in solving complex problems through strategic design and development. We have a well equipped design-led team on board ready to make Spruce Planner.

I can not wait for everyone to get their hands on Spruce Planner. No more juggling apps and to do lists - you have everything you need right in your pocket. Your calendar, tasks, goals, notes, emails, links, projects - but more importantly motivation are at your fingertips with Spruce Planner. Thank you


Although I never got Spruce Planner off the ground, I learned valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, product development, and market research. Maybe one day I'll circle back to the idea and put some funding into it - but for now, it remains many lessons learned.